About Us

Welcome to Chic Accessorizer

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

 ~ Coco Chanel

Chic Accessorizer believes in all this and more! Accessories make or break a styled outfit! 

Style and elegance along with the freshness of new rules is how I define my passion for accessories.  

I understand "different" is what stands out and makes a statement!  

With two years of blogging experience solely in the accessories arena and almost a year of an online accessories store has enriched my understanding and work.  Thanks to this combination I've developed a unique style! Mix, match, create and design define the foundation. Styling for me is all about how cutting-edge trends which are youthful and fresh blend with timeless luxuries that also spell new-age sophistication!

Chic Accessorizer is here to support your needs with that extra dash of magic that  takes good styling to great!

Thank you for your time!


Pooja Kothari Shah

Stay classy and fabulous!


Contact us:


Off no. 53, 20/24

D.P. Marg,

Old Hanuman lane,

Mumbai - 400002




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