Phone Wallet - Sticker
SKU: KS953426AE9
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* For Indian Pincodes only

  • QUICK, EASY & CONVENIENCE - Just peel and stick on your phone case or the back of your smartphone. Perfect for your credit cards, driver's license, school ID, gym pass, cash and more. Up to 6 cards.
  • TIGHT & PROTECTIVE - It can firmly hold all the items you can fit in for your convenience and never let go! The highly elastic Lycra fabric holder protects the content from falling, even if it is upside down!
  • STRONG 3M REMOVABLE TAPE - Attach easily with 3M removable adhesive tape. Attach securely, and remove cleanly.
  • SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT - Ultra-slim size (LWH) 3.54*2.28*0.08 inches (9*5.8*0.2cm). It is 7g lightweight. Comfort to carry and won't add bulk.

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